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The Treasure Keepers

In the midst of the new outbreak of creativity, sharing and caring, a group of Humans discovered that they were carrying hidden treasures, gifts of creativity that brought exceptional happiness to those around them. And they discovered that when they freely shared these gifts to help others, life just got better and better. 

The only logical thing to do was to continue giving. 

Here are some of those Humans, whose gifts have made the Gnome Home Page as magical as it is.

We invite you to visit their web sites to discover more about their wonderful gifts.

(If you have Treasures you'd like to to share on the Gnome Home Page,
let us know here.)

Tracy Vernon


Ani McManus

Volunteer Dandelion Scatterer, Artisan of Plastic Scraps, member of the Late Bloomers Guild


Galen Hanly Hefferman


Trina Brunk

Creative Muse, Human/Gnome Liaison, Carrier of Mystical Music Medicine


Amy Camie

Spiritual Treasure Hunter, Inspired Musical Messenger, and Compassionate Guardian of Ancient Wisdom


Elizabeth McManus

Gatherer of Insight, Connecter of Dots and Musical Blessing-Bringer

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Got Treasures To Share?


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