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How to Get Involved

1. Explore, partake and enjoy!

Any purchases/donations* you make here will go directly to our Community Partner after fees (and shipping/handling costs if applicable).

*tax deductible

2. Give:

  • Share what you find here on your social networks.

  • Donate directly to our Community Partner.

  • Contact us to Recommend an organization for the directory (and give other feedback to help us keep things up to date and relevant).


3. Become a Treasure Keeper

Do you have an offering you'd like to share, following the themes of Natural Abundance, Healing, Home, Gnomes/Nature Intelligence, Creativity and Sharing, Caring, Loving, Growing, Giving and Receiving?

All Co-Creators who contribute to this site will have the option of being featured on our Treasure Keeper's page, where you can spread the word about your work in the world and thereby increasing your flow of abundance. And you can also opt to contribute anonymously.  Apply to become a Treasure Keeper here.



  • Musicians: offer an online performance or digital download;

  • Visual Artists & other Creators: offer a digital download;

  • Healers, Coaches, Speakers, Teachers: present an online workshop or gathering;

  • Contribute something wonderful to the online auction.

Apply to become a Treasure Keeper here.

Got other ideas?

We love to collaborate! Please contact us!

Image by Nathan Anderson
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