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Our Community Partner

We are so grateful for the thousands of aid organizations that are working to address homelessness and hunger. We choose one organization at a time to spotlight and benefit as our Community Partner. 

We choose our Community Partners based on who we personally believe will make the financial contribution go the furthest in caring for those who are most vulnerable.


Do you have an organization you'd like to nominate for consideration? Make your recommendation here. 


P:ear (Programs through Education, Arts & Recreation)

P:ear builds positive relationships with homeless youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.

Since 2002, P:ear has mentored over 5,200 youth and provided over 320,000 hours of healthy, engaging and nurturing programs. P:ear has identified a strong model for working with homeless youth: assist them to recognize themselves as capable people while providing truly supportive relationships and opportunities for growth while they navigate the personal and difficult journey out of street life. 

Please visit their web site to learn more (it's truly inspiring) and make a donation* directly to them there:


Or make a purchase* in our Treasure Chest Gift Shop which will go to P:ear.

*tax deductible


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