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About Us

Gnome Home Page is a co-creative project initiated by Ani McManus, and conceptualized and built by Trina Brunk. Our work began when Ani was inspired to create a fundraising page of songs to benefit the houseless community in her town, and the creativity took on a life of its own. We won’t swear that Gnomes are actually a part of the project, but then, we won’t swear that they’re not. 

Completely volunteer run and privately funded, at present, our goal is to cultivate abundance by doing what we love and to share with those who are doing the direct, on the ground work to make a substantial difference for some of the most vulnerable among us.

We will periodically post the amounts that have been raised here.


You can contact us here to stay in the loop.




Ani McManus

Initial Funding & Cocreation


Trina Brunk

Development & Coordination

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