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The Story

Once upon a time, the world of Humans was in turmoil.  A terrible sickness swept the land, greed ran rampant, and great social and political upheaval followed. The Great Circle of Abundance was broken.


Many Humans suffered -- some feeling disconnected and isolated, and others without their basic needs met. Many fell into blaming each other and fighting amongst themselves, which only made matters worse.


The Gnomes observed all of these things, and being Gnomes*, were filled with heartfelt concern. They knew what it was like to have to hide inside when something bigger than you is outside your door. But they were unable to comprehend the selfishness and greed that they witnessed.


They had particular concern for those who did not have doors to hide behind, and wished that their little homes could be expanded enough to shelter humans during times of bitter cold and smothering heat, but it was of no use.  


The Circle of Abundance had to be repaired. And Humans would have to be the ones to repair it.  But they needed help to remember how.


So the Gnomes came up with a plan. 


Through a massive campaign of dreams and whispers of inspired thought, they would help Humans reconnect with their authentic creative selves- the wellspring of all abundance.

If the plan went well, this creativity would begin a new, healing epidemic, one of joy of living, which would flow into an outpouring of sharing and caring. 


And it worked!

Soon Humans everywhere found themselves inspired to explore their creativity,

which led to joy, 

which healed aching hearts

and awakened caring . . .

which in turn, led to a great desire to share,

thereby mending the great Circle of Abundance.

And so some of them created this web site, which is a home on the web for anyone who wants to be part of a celebration of creativity to feed human souls.


We welcome you here, to connect with each other, to find magical things (inside you and in the online store), to share your offerings and your stories, and above all to have fun.


"Sharing is caring.

Living is Giving.

Love is the Deity of All Life.

There is no beginning,

there is no end.

There is only now,

forever and ever."


~ Papa Makasha,

beloved elder Gnome


*Gnomes are known to be the guardians of Earth’s underground treasures—crystals, precious stones, gold, and tree roots—and that they love to "give freely to those who are in need."

** 100% of the abundance generated on this site, after fees, goes to help organizations that are doing good work to help humans who need it the most.  Here is our current Community Partner.

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