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Ask A Gnome

(kind of like Dear Abby, but shorter)


Got a Tricky Question?

Deep wisdom is sometimes close to the ground.
Our Gnome friends have volunteered their insight in exchange for donations to help raise funds for our Community Partner. 


How it works:

  1. Silently or out loud, make a wish for yourself. 
    (Selfish wishes only for this step, please, you'll get to be altruistic next)
  2. Make a wish for the wellbeing of someone besides yourself.
  3. Make a donation from your heart using the button below. Your donation can be any amount. 
  4. Ask your question on the next page
    (you'll be redirected after making your donation).  
  5. Look forward to receiving a nugget of deeper understanding at the email address you provided within a few days.
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