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Tracy Vernon


Having grown up in a family who values the arts, Tracy began drawing and painting at an early age. Frequenting galleries and museums trained her eye for composition, light, and color. Years of competitive tennis and a life-long love for dance instilled in her a sense of the importance of movement in art. Her formal studies began as a fine art major at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She spent a year abroad studying at the College of Art and Design in Exeter, England which inspired her to stride out on her own to develop her career as a working artist.

It was during this period that Tracy fell in love with plein air painting in pastel and watercolor. She travelled extensively through Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa and discovered the learning that came with painting real life in real time. She consistently paints close to home where there is an abundance of beauty in protected land. Though a studied artist, she considers herself equally self-taught. She is an experienced teacher who enjoys sharing with others what she has learned across the miles and years of exploration.

Tracy lives in the village of Montague, MA in a spot that was once called 'The Creamery'; a former dairy farm with a large barn for cows, a modest home, and a milking room. Tracy and her husband converted the milk room into an art studio, dubbed Milk Barn Studio. Where once fresh milk was stored, there are now tubes of paint, pastel sticks in every color, brushes, beach rocks, shells, gemstones, frames in all dimenstions, and the love of art. She is a member of the Sawmill River Arts Gallery, a cooperative of working artists and fine crafts creators.

"In my paintings, I love to capture the dance of light and shadow while conveying my love of the natural world. In my art and designs, I create a balance of shapes and colors that evoke a sense of harmony. Whether it’s arctic turns flying across an ever-shifting sky, salt air blowing the reeds and rushes, well-worn paths leading to farms, fields, meadows, or forests, I am continually entranced by nature’s beauty. My work as an artist reflects this deep respect and affection."

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