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finding beauty everywhere

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

something happened for me in 2020 that's hard to explain.

but I'm going to try.

I started seeing beauty . . . everywhere.

It happened during a very dark time (I know, 2020, right?).

I had been struggling with severe depression and grasping at something -- anything -- to help keep myself afloat emotionally.

I found a YouTube of this little Jamaican saint dude saying that the only prayer I needed was "Thank you."

So I tried it.

"Thank you."

and so I went around saying "Thank you."

And I started being curious about what I was actually grateful for (not the "you ought to be grateful" kind of stuff but really, where did the warmth bloom inside, even if for just a fraction of a moment?).

The first thing that I noticed,

and this truly revived me --

was COLOR.

(Thank you.)

I looked at the sky and realized that I was grateful for the color blue.

(Thank you.)

and when the sky wasn't blue but dark with clouds and my face spattered with rain -- Thank you for the life giving moisture.

(Thank you.)

I looked at a houseplant that had somehow survived this season and adored its shapes and textures and variations on greens and pinks.

(Thank you.)

the weeds growing in the front yard suddenly had a kind of vitality and scrappy courage that I took heart from.

(Thank you.)

I saw the bright orange traffic cones and somehow the brilliance touched something vital inside that I had almost completely forgotten was there.

and it grew.

(Thank you.)

below: this picture is like my gratitude. it grew bigger than its frame.

(Thank you Mooji, and Thank you Creator and creators.)

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