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Nurture Yourself With "Compassionate Reflections" By Amy Camie and Marti Soler

We intuitively know that music can be healing. But did you know that there’s research to back it up? Meet harpist and clinical musician Amy Camie, one of the first to share her creative gifts with the Gnome Home Project, to raise money for the homeless.

I met Amy Camie years ago when she was performing at Unity of Columbia, Missouri and if her ethereally beautiful, spellbinding harp music wasn’t enough, her openheartedness and authenticity made me completely fall in love with this woman. Come to find out, she and her magical harp have been the subject of several studies on the healing effects of music on cancer patients. Being a two-time cancer survivor, Amy has firsthand knowledge on this topic from both perspectives. I am so thrilled that she’s willing to share one of her offerings on the Gnome Home Page. This one is a treasure with the added benefit of of Guided Imagery Facilitator Marti Soler’s nurturing voice. Thank you Amy and Marti!


"Compassionate Reflections: Meditation for Self-Care, Serenity and Hope" (available now in our Treasure Chest Gift Shop and on our Bandcamp page) is a personal journey into a beautiful, sacred, safe space of deep relaxation and self-love as you surrender into the arms of our Earth Mother and her gentle unconditional love, reminding you to embrace yourself as the keeper of your own soul and remember, "You are love."

About Marti and Amy

Marti Soler is a certified guided imagery facilitator. Her primary goal is to enhance greater awareness for self-understanding, self-expression, stress reduction, and creativity through imagery. Guided imagery is an integrated approach to mind, body, and spirit and can help you move gently into the vast richness of your inner essence. Marti has facilitated imagery with groups as well as individuals.

Amy Camie is a spiritual harpist, recording artist, composer, author of “Loving Life…all of it – A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and Consciousness,” and co-initiator of the ORIGINS Methodology of Self-Discovery. She has presented hundreds of seminars and workshops for local, regional and national audiences on the power of sound, music and conscious self-care, and is a contributing author to two international books, “The Spiritual Significance of Music” and “LOVE LIVE FORGIVE.” Her solo harp CDs relax the body, calm the mind, and gently touch the soul. Amy's CDs have touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

Album Credits:

Imagery – Marti Soler

Solo Harp – Amy Camie (ASCAP)

Sound Engineer & Mastering – Adam Long

Produced by Blue Star Productions, Inc., St. Louis, MO

CD Cover - Fine Art "Almost White" rose image created by Maris Cirulis

Used with permission

Cover Graphics – Video Services Group (VSG), St. Louis, MO

© ℗ Copyright 2016 – Amy Camie & Marti Soler

Universal Light Publishing (ASCAP)


all rights reserved

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