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I bring over two decades' experience in bridging between the conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves, to clients create gentle but powerful positive change. One on One sessions, tailored to your unique needs, combine both lightness and depth that acknowledge your dignity and power to create positive change in your life.

I am a Transformation Coach and Certified Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist with advanced training in the Core Transformation process, Rewind Technique for Panic Attacks & Phobias, Reiki I, II & III. I also utilize Applied Kinesiology, Flower Essence Energy Sessions, and EFT in my sessions.

My personal healing path from complex trauma has involved diving deep into my creative expression to alchemize pain into power, beauty and rich resource. I'm available to help you do the same, in whatever expression is most authentic for you. Paradoxically, creativity and play can help the "serious work" go a lot more powerfully.

Trina Brunk

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