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Grief Alchemy

How do you take care of yourself during a global pandemic? If you have any great suggestions please leave them in the comments below!

I personally believe that tending to our grief work is essential to care for our connection with ourselves and others. Helping to soften in the face of pain, helping us continue to grow through the times where it hurts, knowing that -- even when it's hard to think beyond the present moment, life can respond with a phase of renewal when we do. Which is why I made this track.

In Grief Alchemy Relaxation Affirmations, you can enjoy deep relaxation and visualization to support a healthy grieving process; receive nurturing and uplifting support for both for the everyday losses we’ve been collectively experiencing as well as the loss of loved ones.

You can listen once for free to Grief Alchemy in the Treasure Chest Gift Shop, or purchase to listen again and again and deepen your relaxation and healing practice.

All purchases in the Treasure Chest Gift Shop benefit our Community Partner.

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